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PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:37 pm    Post subject: Confused by this posting

I really dont know why you have asked me to take a night off and not bring a band to Bnj.   To my knowledge I have never brought a band to BnJ or Elevenses.  I have but one alt that I play and I have never multiboxed.  In fact I usually never ask to play more than one song and most nights I play nothing of my choosing at all..  Not sure what offense I have caused in these areas.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:22 pm    Post subject:

majika101 wrote:

Hi, yes i also agree that having our bands all dressed in uniforms , lined up and playing together can sort of be interpreted by non kin members who come to these gatherings as a FORMAL gathering, and i do understand your concerns for this; individual musicians can feal a little put out by seeing the bands and think to themselfs "i dont want to show myself up, therefor i wont play!". Therefor i will also dress my band members when i take them to these events apropriatly for the occassion.

As for a seperate event for the bands i do like the idea, starchilds idea for a 2-3 hour perfomance with these bands in a not so *battle of the bands* format is a good idea, taking it in turns to play thier chosen tunes (maybe set themes for each event).

But that said i also like the idea of a battle of the bands type concert (i have been to a few battle of the bands type gigs in real life (Reggae/Ragga)) and they was awsome, i knew the people involved in these battles, therefor i was in a personal position with them to see how it all run. I know starchild is concerned about the *Battle of the bands* concept because he thinks that all the bands are in competion with eachother for theoretical votes to win the battle, and each band wants the crowd to like them more; this is true in alot of *Battle of the band* contests; but with the reggae gigs i went to the 2 bands that played against eachother were there just for the fun of it (It was all about the music) alot of the corwd will always make thier own opinions of who was best, if it a battle or not. Therefor giving a title like *Battle of the bands* is not going to be the big deal you might think it could be (unless of corse u promote it to be so ( with actual winners and prizes)). which with some thought could also be done, it will certainly add excitement to the whole gig. but you could also just keep it a friendly thing with all the bands understanding its not a competion its about putting smiles on peoples faces..!

I would like more input on my ideas about this, please feal free to ask or suggest your ideas; I might not have answers straight away but if anybody as an idea that they would like to run past me, just to see what i think or even to put our heads together to come up with something we haven't realy discussed ( formats , themes whatever ) i would gladly listen and give my opinion.

im realy pretty excited by this idea and also would like ot hear what other people views is on having another event for 1 man bands!

Thanks Majika*

PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:22 pm    Post subject:

Starchild8 wrote:

I remember Elevenses nearly died and glad to see it's back and better than ever.  But I do like the two days out of the week, I think a lot of the older members just got burned out on it being seven days a week.

I'll try to make sure to get the Fraggles to dress a little more "normal".   And we'll spread around the area some so as to not look together and blend in.  Don't be surprised if they might cause a little mischief from time to time.  After all, that's what Fraggles do when they aren't playing an instrument or singing. /grin

As for single, duo, and trio tunes, I'll have to find some good ones.  Don't like many of them online, they just don't sound that good with so few instruments.  But even you guys, when you play, sometimes will do 5 to 9 players at once a lot of times and it sounds so good.  Not to say some solo's and duets don't sound good, because some actually do that I've heard.

I'm not very good with ideas, but:
As for a concert setting, that's an interesting idea.  I don't care much for a "battle bands" of some sort, although it might attract a bigger crowd.  But maybe all of us could get together for fun and have a 2 - 3 hours concert somewhere in Bree once a month for a big concert and/or bi-weekly for smaller ones.  We could all setup side by side, like we did outside Prancing Pony the other night and play tunes one after the one, so each band gets a chance to play a tune every 10 to 15 minutes.  Although finding a good time all of us can be online and the players can come by to listen(without the griefers) and it won't interfere with other local events going on, may be an issue.

Look forward to seeing what others think.


PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:21 pm    Post subject: Elevenses and Bread & Jam Sessions Concern


When Elevenses and Bread and Jam Sessions were conceived, they were meant as social gatherings to give musicians, role-players, story-tellers, dancers, and friends a causal venue to gather and share their talents. These are the events to which we direct people who interrupt our weekly concert with their solo songs. They are "open-microphone" parties open to everyone.

Lately, we have had the problem--and I say that tongue-in-cheek, because it's one of those good problems to have--of people bringing entire one-man bands dressed in matching uniforms to these gatherings.  Bread and Jam Sessions have moved outside the Pony and it looks more like a Battle of the Bands than an opportunity for  fledgling musicians to try their wings. It's wonderful to have so much talent on hand, and exciting to see the music scene growing on Crickhollow!!--but it's also changing the nature of the events in a way that may leave out solo or new players. Also, outside the Pony, we look scattered and are vulnerable to horses running all over us. Someone said last week that it was "more like Woodstock than Bread and Jam." I would like BnJ to return to the inside of the Pony.

Elevenses almost died in 2012, and we've all worked hard to bring it back and make it special. It took almost a year of faithful attendance to get Bread and Jam to have a life of its own.  If you look at one of the earliest posts on the forum, you'll see that BnJ was originally an idea for music from 7-8:30 PM followed by Friday night skirmishes--so it has certainly changed, as needed, over time. Everything changes: that's life.

I would like us to put our heads together and see what we can come up with. One suggestion I propose is that folks with their own bands not wear uniforms to Elevenses and BnJ, and to scatter their alts around it a bit so they look like lots of players, but not a band. You may notice that Breakfast Club members always come in their "own" clothes except when playing their formal Saturday concert at the Bree South Gate. The rest of the time the Sea Blue is tucked away. Larksong is the exception, because that's her character's chosen color, but even she wears other colors on holidays and special occasions. We never "set up" in a line--we just stand where we like. The visitor thinks, "Wow! There are lots of people here! I want to join the party!" Casual dress and a little less regimentation may be all that's needed.

Majika, Starchild, WeeTodd, Beorhere and others, let's all talk about creating a new, true concert setting for your bands. Please continue to come to Elevenses and BnJ with as many alts as you like, but do also consider giving yourself a little "time off" to relax with your friends and pull out those great solos, duets, and trios you have stashed away! Just because you bring four or five alts doesn't mean they all have to play every time. Role-players, these gatherings are the perfect opportunity for you to have some fun too, and let's not forget the wonderful tales Twynk tells each week.

Any and all input will be welcomed in this thread!