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re: Some Dreams Just Take a Little While


Shortly after joining Second Breakfast, I was strong-armed--oops, I mean, cordially invited--to join the band and play at our winter event, then called Hrivelinta. It was scary! All kinds of commands to type in to play tunes with an Elf who barely knew which end of a lute was up. Before long, though, I was downloading a miracle named Songbook (which took three days to finally work right, but that's another story) and then learning about Lyrical, and generally falling in love with the whole music thing. Larksong was born. I can't play anything in my analog world, but in Middle-Earth I can be the musician I've always longed to be. I loved the music so much that eventually I started making mostly acceptable transcriptions of my own with LotroMidi Player, Firefern, and Maestro. The kin band just didn't seem to be enough, though. Elevenses on Crickhollow, which used to meet every night at 11, was on life support. Who can go to an event 7 nights a week? And what about European players? So I worked with our kin leader, the lovely Rosalie, and our musical leader, Daffin, and decided that Sunday mornings / Monday nights would enable most people to attend either time. And it worked! Slowly, but surely, Elevenses returned to its roots: a pleasant gathering in a Hobbity atmosphere on a Sunday morning or Monday night, with talk of pies and the sounds of sweet music, hosted by Second Breakfast.

But I wanted to create something new, in a different time slot, because I just couldn't get enough music. The dream (yep--finally getting around to that now) was for players to come together and jam on songs we would share in a mutual setting: sort of like musical PUGs. Being of a punny nature, I called this event Bread and Jam Sessions and the Prancing Pony seemed ideal for a more raucous, freewheeling musical venture than Elevenses. I advertised relentlessly, and the faithful came: Daffin, Pontin, Atty, and others, with an occasional outsider. We hung in there week after week. Very slowly, it grew. We'd have more folks, but mostly from our kin, and we played songs from our Breakfast Club repertoire. That was great, but still not quite the dream. I didn't want Bread and Jam to be another Breakfast Club concert venue--I hoped it would be a time and place for duets and trios and so on with other folks, sharing new songs. I wanted us to jam for real!

Now, after more than two years, I think the vision is finally coming true. Suddenly, we have shared songs! I would be thrilled to be invited to play a tune with the folks of Disenchanted, FM, Bits and Pieces, the Firebrands, and more! Imagine uploading some of those really big pieces you've been dying to play and suddenly having enough folks to play them? Or to share a pretty duet to play with a new friend? Or . . . visiting you on your home servers and playing with you as a special guest at your own events? So I thank all of you who have shared music already--and those who will add to the treasure--and am eagerly looking forward to an even more vibrant time on Friday nights and beyond. Thank you for your generous and creative spirits, and for making a dream come true!

2 Twinfall Path, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn Homesteads

2 Cypress Road, Tol Faen, Belfalas Homesteads
Do drop in. The doors are always open!

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Merieloran, Gadrian, Linhaewen, Berangar, Athdan, Faerstar (4 Twinfall Path, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn),
Olangrim (1 Waterbank Road, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn), Gwencara (1 Brookbank Street, Greyheight, Shire),
Mossley (of the Frogmorton Middleworths), and Larksong of Crickhollow
Larkfeather, Faerstar and Olangrim of Landroval

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