Dulcet Tones

Performing every Saturday at 4:30pm outside of the Prancing Pony 

Dulcet Tones

Winterstock 2016 full performance

The Dulcet Tones are new to the scene, but it took you no time to establish a presence here on Crickhollow and beyond. How did the band get its start? 

Well, the band started mainly because Scropolo, Cheggra and I sort of flooded poor Dallofin with music. And so he suggested that if we had so much music another band might be in order. At first I certainly balked thinking my loyalty had to stay with Breakfast Club, but then Scropolo and I were talking as well as Butternut and some very kind support from both Dallofin and Larksong and the seed sprouted into a tree! Once Scropolo and I canvased some folks to get a feel of the interest and we had a critical mass of at least six we were off to the races. 

How did you end up with your band name? 

Well, we played with a couple of names but nothing stuck, and I have always liked the phrase listen to those Dulcet Tones and I thought "Hey that might work". So when I floated the idea to the members of the band they liked it. 

What shows have you played? 

We have not had a lot of official "shows" yet. We were grouped together with Breakfast Club for Halloween Show at the Haunted Burrow, as well we were invited by Miss Fincin to play as an introduction band to Les Beaux Chapeaux on Landroval. We were the music for one of Glinwynn's awesome cosemtics shows and we also do a concert on Saturdays at 430pm outside the Prancing Pony. We have only done three of these so far as the band is, as I mentioned, pretty new. 

How would you describe your band's music? Are your tones always dulcet? 

Hmmm, we are primarily Classic Rock, but do have a couple of Irish tunes and some music from the 90s as well. We do have a pretty deep locker of music though and can play just about anything. As a band though we prefer Classic Rock for the most part. 

How do you decide which songs to play?

Well its kind of a two or three part process, I like to ask the band if they have anything specific they want to play (although I have only managed to do this once just due to bad timing on my part), then I put together a set list and ask everyone if they are good with it or have any suggestions about changes. Then I arrange the songs in what I hope to be a reasonable order and again send it out for thumbs up or down.

Who transcribes your music? 

Drummor, Finarphin, Scropolo, Cheggra and Nutmegan transcribe the music (so far we have a couple others working at it now as well). Drummor and Finarphin as well as Scropolo and Rhyar do the lyrics. 

Do you have a signature song? 

I would have to say we have three one is what we call our theme song - "I'm a Believer". But then we have two songs which I think are likely our signature songs right now and those are "Home for a Rest" and "Extremeways" (Ride of the Rohirrm). 

What's been your best memory together so far? 

I would have to say my best memory so far is the massive crowd we had in the Pony last week (27 Nov) and all the shouts and whistles and howls during and after Home For a Rest. It was incredible! 

Do you play a regular concert? 

Yes we do but it has only just started - Saturday 430pm outside the Prancing Pony. 

Do you have any other performances coming up? 

Other than Winterfest we have two more coming up in short order that are already planned, both are on Landroval. One is playing after Disenchanted on the 16th of December 930pm and the other is Winterstock on 16 Jan 2016 at 8pm (Hope I have that right). 

Do you have a website? 

The website is here - http://dulcettones.gamerlaunch.com 

What's the one thing we should know about your band above all else? 

We just want to have fun with the music and lyrics, oh and our lyrics are always Tolkien/Middle Earth related - regardless of the genre of the song (if we have lyrics). 

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your group? 

We are new, but we have lots of fun and are pretty low key to be honest and try and have as much fun as we can while at the same time delivering a good product for the listener. 

We are a multi-kin band (although right now we only have members from two kins in the band) so if you are interested please join us - more is always better :) 

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the following people and I think they know why: 

Butternut, Scropolo, Acorne, Dallofin, Larksong, Ryhar, Larkssong, Cheggra, Nutmegan, Laaleth, Halgoreth, Gamutdorok, Q, Shakestoor and Zarenwen. And to Nayaly, Toadlfax, Beorhere, Fincin, Pinoh and Iloriel.