Shirefest IV

Crickhollow's biggest annual event was held June 16th-18th. Performance videos and profiles of most of our 25 performers may be found in the Meet the Bands section.  Thank you as always to Hollyberye and Zedrock for capturing the concert!

Crickhollow concerts

Picture of the Breakfast Club band
Breakfast Club
 plays every single Saturday at 1pm at the Bree-town south gate.  That's right--EVERY Saturday.  They travel to Landroval on the first Saturday of the month, and you should stop over and see them there, too. Catch one of the most active and prolific bands right here on Crickhollow for all the remaining Saturdays.

No Whole Bard concerts
No Whole Bard plays a monthly concert on Crickhollow in addition to their monthly one on Landroval.  Most of their concerts have a theme, but they also have the occasional "Mixed Baggins" concert featuring a variety of songs.  Watch them the last Sunday of every month at the Bree-town Stage across from the Prancing Pony (now at 7am).

Dulcet Tones may be found playing in front of the Prancing Pony every Saturday at 4:30pm.  They regular perform at many other events around Crickhollow and beyond, such as the Party in the Park, cosmetic contests, and Winterfest.

Dr. Star and the Acoustic Mayhem (aka Fraggle Rock) perform every 3rd Saturday at 6pm on the Prancing Pony stage.  Catch the Fraggles on Laurelin at 2pm on first Saturdays and on Landroval at 4pm on second Saturdays.  If you'd like Fraggle Rock to play for you, just message in-game to Starchild on Crickhollow or Starfraggle on Laurelin / Landroval.

Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band performs Classical in the Courtyard at 7:30pm every 2nd Sunday in Rivendell's Last Homely House Courtyard.  Wear your fanciest garb, and bring your fanciest lady or gent and enjoy an hour of classy parlor tunes (classical) in a most classy setting! Visit their website for more information.