Second Breakfast's Winterfest 2017 will be held at Thorin’s Gate on Crickhollow December 15th-17th. The festivities will commence on Friday, December 15th. Instead of the regular Bread and Jam session, we will take the music to Thorin's Gate for an early start time of 7pm EST (server time). Each band that attends will play one song and then play will move to the band to the left of the band that just played, in a clockwise manner around the circle of bands.

Saturday will commence with the Second Breakfasts house band “Breakfast Club” kicking off the day’s music at noon. Bands play until 12am.  Sunday will start with the usual Elevenses at the main Thorin's Gate venue.  Bands will perform from 12pm-8pm.

For more information and profiles on each band visit our special Winterfest section.