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Upcoming Crickhollow Events!!
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re: Crickhollow's 2022 Music Events


2021 was packed with musical events, and 2022 is set to top that!  Asides from the Big Two of Shirefest/Winterfest, and the return of Under a Fool Moon and Laliapalooza, we're looking to do even more planned events and festivals!  I'm not puting any set times or dates yet, tbd later, but at least dropping them into a month, to keep track better.  All these on top of the weekly/bi-weekly/monthly concerts produced by bands such as PPPB/MushroomStew/IndigoHobbettes/NoWholeBard/and more!


In January, we're taking a break to kick back and watch Winterstock on Landy.

February: Monsters of The Rock concert (bands playing 1/2 or 1 hour of a single RL band's songs)

Date set!  Saturday, February 26th!

March: March Hare Bunny Faire (bunny fur only concert, soft and warm, sweet and soothing)

Date set!  Friday, March 11th!

April: Second Breakfast Presents: Rosalie Day (to remember our friend) and Under a Fool Moon (starting at midnight)

Probable Dates:  Sunday, April 3rd, and for UAFM April 30th.


June: Second Breakfast Presents: Rosalie Rumble's Shirefest (nuff said)

Date Set! Friday, June 17th - Sunday, June 19th

July: Jazz Festival (a Crickhollow Music Association event!)

Date Set! July 2nd

August: Blues Festival (the Blue's Brothers' Rhythm and Blues Review, with Jimi/SRV/ZZT tossed in, no name yet)

Scratching the Blues Festival again, so that I can focus more on Laliapalooza.

September: Laliapalooza (Annual Alternative Rock Festival)

Date Set!  Saturday, Sept 3rd

October: Haunted Hill  (normally a Second Breakfast event, but has fallen asides, not sure yet here)

December: Second Breakfast Presents: Winterfest (nuff said)

Date Set!  Friday, December 9th - Sunday, December 11th


So, looks like a pretty full plate, but nicely portioned and separated, with room for a biscuit.  2022 is looking to be a really fun year for Crickhollow musicians!


Edit: to fill in dates.

Luventhariel Ascarloss o Eryn Lasgalen. Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!  

"It is better to have more lightning in your hand, than thunder in your mouth" - Ingwë Morfion

I'm also Appletart, Appleheart, Caramryn, Naurraen, Tettra, Villrvif and Whosagoodpuppy on Crickhollow;

and Luventhariel and all of Too Cute on Laurelin too.   Happy

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