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re: Bread and Jam Sessions


For more than seven years, folks in Crickhollow have been coming to the Prancing Pony on Friday nights for Bread and Jam Sessions, and we invite you to come too! Hosted by Second Breakfast, Bread and Jam is time to share your new or favorite tunes, have an ale or two, kick up your heels in a dance, and enjoy yourself! The evening often ends with a wonderfully imaginative and entertaining tale by Twynk. Play music as a group or solo. Role-players are warmly welcomed. There are always good times and interesting folk in the Pony on Friday nights--do join in!

When: Every Friday from 9 PM to 11 PM and sometimes even midnight, Eastern time

Where: The Prancing Pony, Bree

Server: Crickhollow

Contact: Larksong

2 Twinfall Path, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn Homesteads

2 Cypress Road, Tol Faen, Belfalas Homesteads
Do drop in. The doors are always open!

Willowing, Grimbear, Rosewynda, Marewyng, Ingrid, Hollydell, Laurelberry,
Merieloran, Gadrian, Linhaewen, Berangar, Athdan, Faerstar (4 Twinfall Path, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn),
Olangrim (1 Waterbank Road, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn), Gwencara (1 Brookbank Street, Greyheight, Shire),
Mossley (of the Frogmorton Middleworths), and Larksong of Crickhollow
Larkfeather, Faerstar and Olangrim of Landroval

Breakfast: the best meals of the day.
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