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Upcoming Crickhollow Events!!
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Rosalie Rumble

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re: Final Preparations for our bands


With the festival coming up this weekend I wanted to check in again and make sure that everyone is ready for the big show.

Communication: On the day of the festival we will use the /event channel for all attendees and /bands for communication between performers.  Your members should be encouraged to join both channels.  Regional and world will be used only for very general communication.  Some announcements will be carried in both say and /event, but we'll encourage people to simply join the custom channel throughout.  Say is the standard singing channel, but you may also choose to duplicate that message in /event if you so choose.

Each band leader will be assigned a liaison for the day.  Just be sure to make contact with us on the /bands channel at least half an hour prior to your performance time so we may make sure everything and everyone is good to go.  The liaison will send your band a tell if we have any questions during the show or it looks like things are running a bit long.  If you'd prefer that the (possible) tell go to a bandmate instead, let us know at that time.

Location: All bands will be performing on the south side of the Bounders Statue (the side facing the road into town).  While we initially anticipated putting the bands at the top, I like the look of moving the bands slightly down the hill, as seen in this image of Green Hill Country:


We'll encourage dancing not just down below but on the flat area just in front of the statue.  It's a bit different, but it's a unique feature that this venue provides.  We will encourage anyone in-between to sit down.

Wardrobe & Instruments: Unfortunately, 25 items are now missing from our cosmetic warehouse.  If your band members accidentally left any items in their bags, please be sure to mail it to Rosalie.  The hand-held items are a different matter, of course--but please don't forget to mail them to Rosalie at the end of the festival.  Reply here if any of your band members still need outfits.  Setting aside musical mentors is even more important, so if you have any members who need to learn another instrument we need to know now so we may have mentors reserved for your use.

Twitch and YouTube: Are you or one of your band members planning on recording the show or broadcasting it live?  Let us know so we may share it on the website & Twitter feed.

Advertising: You're definitely encouraged to help us get the word out on your regular servers.  We've been hitting the pavement throughout the various worlds, but make sure you tell your friends and kinmates where to find you (and a dozen other amazing bands) this weekend.  

In case of griefing: I'm still waiting to hear back from Frelorn to see if we have and special procedures we may follow, but we'll do our best to stay on top of potential griefing situations.  Crickhollow doesn't really have a strong griefing tradition, but those blessed turtles have been spotted at least twice since the quest was shut down and I have a "rapid response" plan in place if those lovely creatures decide to come hear the music.  I've found that reason, humour and an appeal to empathy shut down all but the most hardcore griefers, and I'd like to believe that if issues arise they will be taken care of swiftly and with minimal disruption.  If you are hassled at any point please let us take care of it on your behalf--you have enough to worry about, after all.

If you think of any other way that we can make your tasks easier as the festival approaches (save for writing some ABC files for you!) I am always glad to be of assistance.  PM will always be the best way to reach me.  But if you have a question it may be best to ask it on this thread, as another band leader may have the same one.

Thank you for the memories, Second Breakfasters! Much love to you all. ~ Crickhollow Music
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