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Rosalie Rumble

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re: One week until Shirefest


It's hard to believe that Shirefest is only one week away.  We're getting ready to greet all of our "out of town" visitors, but first we have a few pieces of advice for those making the trip to Crickhollow.

  1. Everyone is welcome to play music at Bread & Jam on Friday night, Elevenses on Sunday morning, and before & after the band performances.  Come prepared with some tunes and get ready to come back to this website so you may pick up some jams with other musicians from all over Middle-earth!  During the concert hours we request that nobody play over the musicians on stage.
  2. We'll have mentors at the ready, but the best way to get set up is to make a minstrel.
  3. Making a hobbit or man will get you through the introduction more swiftly (but an elf or dwarf doesn't take that long, either).  We always encourage making hobbits, but all races are more than welcome.  We let the bounders know that the big folk are on their way.
  4. Drop by this week's Bread & Jam and Elevenses so you can get to know some of our local musicians!
  5. Take a look at the profiles on Meet the Bands so you can find out which bands you can't miss--but my best advice is to just watch them all!
  6. Spread the word to all of your friends--you don't want them to miss out on the 13 amazing bands we've lined up to perform for you.
  7. Don't forget that Crickhollow hosts four music events every single week on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Now that you've got your character set up nothing's stopping you from coming back for another visit.  We'll make sure to keep a pie warm for you.  

Thank you for the memories, Second Breakfasters! Much love to you all. ~ Crickhollow Music
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