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Rosalie Rumble

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re: Information for band leaders


Dates: June 24th (starting at 2pm EDT with Bread & Jam at 9pm), 25th (noon-midnight), and 26th (starting at 11am with Elevenses, bands start at 1pm)

Location: The pillars south of Scary in the Shire--bands perform under the pillar at approximately 28.3S 66.3W

Summoning: Captains will be on hand throughout the festival.  Their pets will make certain that no bats get close to lower level attendees, but bands will be positioned far away from any danger.

Set length: 50-55 minutes (encore permitted if we are not behind schedule)

Theme: All up to you!  Our bands will be bringing a diverse selection of styles and ideas, so you may use whatever material you choose.

Costuming: We maintain a cosmetic warehouse that includes over 550 items.  If you would like to borrow something specific please reply to this thread or PM or mail a request to Rosalie (feel free to take a look at our inventory).If you prefer to look around for yourself, tell me which characters need access.  

Other needs: We'll be glad to provide any mentoring, fireworks, assistance from a rune-keeper/lore master/captain, gold, or anything else that you may need.

Custom channels: All attendees will be asked to /joinchannel event   Bands may communicate via /joinchannel bands (please note there is an "s" in the bands channel but none for event--we don't want anyone stuck alone in the wrong place)

Introductions: If there's something specific you want us to mention before you hit the stage please do let us know ahead of time.  We definitely want to make sure we note any upcoming performances.

Band interviews and pictures: If you haven't filled out an interview yet please go ahead and do so as soon as possible.  If you completed an interview last year, please review it on our meet the bands page to see if anything needs updating.  If you'd like to add a picture either link it from there, post it in our gallery, or email us.

Contacts: If you need assistance prior to the festival, find Drummor/Finarphin, Rosalie, or Majika.  If none are available, type "/who breakfast 1 105" and send a tell to anyone who comes up.  Dassa is our main contact on Laurelin


If there's anything we didn't cover, please ask in this thread.  There's a real possibility that someone else will have the same question!

Thank you for the memories, Second Breakfasters! Much love to you all. ~ Crickhollow Music
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