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Rosalie Rumble

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re: Final instructions for bands


Thank you all for joining us for Shirefest!  Whether it's your first or your fourth we are absolutely thrilled to have you with us.

We'll be mailing all of our band leaders in-game with the name of your band aid/emcee for the day of the show.  They will check in with you about half an hour prior to your performance to make sure you're all set and will be in touch in case we're running behind schedule with the previous band.  They will also let you know if you will have extra time.  If you've got any hiccups on the day of, please contact them or Rosalie (who may occasionally switch to Marie or Caladhiel in case of a need for summons or special effects).  Rosalie will also be your point of contact prior to the show, and I can always be reached via PM or in-game mail on Crickhollow.

Here are a few FAQs just in case you need any info.  I don't expect any of this will be new:

Set length: 50-55 minutes with an encore or two prepared in case of extra time.  We have almost always run right on time or at most 5 minutes over.  Please send a tell to your assigned band aid or Rosalie/Marie if you think you might go over or under on time or want to know if it's okay to play an encore.

The venues: The main event will be at the Methel-stage this year.  Summons are available if needed and will be in place at the start of each day, but we do not anticipate having captains in place throughout Shirefest because it will likely be unnecessary due to the accessibility of the spot.  This may change based on the response on Friday.

Bread & Jam/Elevenses: Friday night Bread & Jam will take place inside the Green Dragon in Bywater at 9pm EDT/ST.  Sunday morning Elevenses moves to the Ivy Bush in Hobbiton at 11am EDT/ST.  This is a good opportunity to play a few solo or smaller group numbers, but please refrain from playing anything from your Shirefest set at those events.  They will proceed in the usual round robin open stage style with one song per player/band.  Elevenses will end promptly at 12:45 to allow for a move back to the Methel-stage, but Bread & Jam will likely keep going to midnight and beyond.  If you'd like to play a few songs with an impromptu group, feel free to upload something to our song library.

Costuming: Second Breakfast offers a 700 item cosmetic warehouse.  Please contact us before Thursday, June 15th, if you would like to borrow something or peruse the collection.  If interested, please take a look at our inventory.

Special FX: A few bands took advantage of our rune-keepers and/or fireworks collection last year, and we are glad to provide whatever you may need once again.  If you would like some assistance, please contact us by Thursday, June 15th.  We're very happy to help!

Custom channels: Please "/joinchannel event" and "/joinchannel bands" so we may keep the open channels free of Shirefest spam aside from our adverts and public questions. /bands is a good way to reach our support staff no matter what character they may be on.

Introductions: If you have anything you would like for your band aid/emcee to add you your intro please contact us.  We are particularly interested in any upcoming concerts you may have scheduled!


Did I miss a question?  I'm glad to answer it here!

Thank you for the memories, Second Breakfasters! Much love to you all. ~ Crickhollow Music
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