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re: Rosalie's Farewell Party Schedule


We're giving Rosalie the Best Elevenses ever!



1) Games starting at noon:

*The Rosie Cup: a horse race from Michel Delving to Needlehole (where you'll need to /cheer at the race official there) and back--but you'll need to find Rosalie in her hiding spot and be the first to /cheer at her! 50 gold prize goes to the winner!

*Stop the Music and Drop. Like Musical Chairs, when the music stops, you /faint. Last emote to register in the chat log is eliminated. Prize will be a surprise!

3) Songs, tributes, simple farewells, poetry are all welcome, but please remember, this is a PARTY, not a funeral. PLEASE have your contribution loaded up in Poetical or Lyrical, or typed out in a text editor so it can be copied and pasted into chat. Songs/poems should not exceed 3 minutes in length. Time is tight, and we anticipate many people wanting to say something.

4) Mega-band file will be posted here by Saturday. Players wishing to join the Mega-band should have the music ready and PM Dallofin during the closing minutes of Elevenses for an invitation to the Raid. Players will be doubling on parts.

5) Rosalie may not may not address us, depending on her health status on the 7th.

6) We are holding the "official" party to 2 1/2 hours in deference to Rosalie's situation. We can't know her ability to participate yet. This is about as short as we can go to give her the sort of party that she asked for. However, that does not stop anyone from remaining and continuing the party as long as they like. So if you do not get a chance to perform your particular piece during the hour set aside for that, please stay and do it later. And if you have a message to send her, consider using a PM to Rosalie Rumble via GuildLaunch or the Crickhollow Discord.

We will do our best to adhere to this schedule but circumstances may require adjustments.




2 Twinfall Path, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn Homesteads

2 Cypress Road, Tol Faen, Belfalas Homesteads
Do drop in. The doors are always open!

Willowing, Grimbear, Rosewynda, Marewyng, Ingrid, Hollydell, Laurelberry,
Merieloran, Gadrian, Linhaewen, Berangar, Athdan, Faerstar (4 Twinfall Path, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn),
Olangrim (1 Waterbank Road, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn), Gwencara (1 Brookbank Street, Greyheight, Shire),
Mossley (of the Frogmorton Middleworths), and Larksong of Crickhollow
Larkfeather, Faerstar and Olangrim of Landroval

Breakfast: the best meals of the day.
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