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Upcoming Crickhollow Events!!
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re: Winterfest Info


Some basic information, in no particular order, that everyone should know to help Winterfest run smoothly!  :)


Winterfest will be held on the Pond/Lake below Thorin's Gate, east of the main road, and NW of the mines.

There are low level mobs that could attack low level players, but we will have Security/Pest Control on hand.


Please be aware that some skills/effects you may have can affect lag for band leaders, band alts, and the audience.  Please refrain from using AoE heals, targeted heals, campfires, or other abilities while in the area.  

Fireworks are wonderful, and beautiful, and loud.  Please do use fireworks!  Light them off to show your appreciation of hearing a well-played tune!  But please, when the bands start playing again, put your flint and steel away until the end of the song.  Obviously, there are exceptions to this, as when a band specifically desires everyone to blow up the sky while they're playing something explosive.

Encore drums (Grand Stair emote drums) are something we love to hear!  For an encore...  Again, there may be exceptions for bands who wish to have a dozen audience members bongoing away, but this should be at the band's discretion and at their insistence.


We've asked if the bands will be using lyrics and "singing" along to their songs.  If any band so desires, we will mention this in our introductions, to let the audience know ahead of time.  We are not in any way discouraging Roleplaying during Winterfest, audience banter is one of the funnest aspects of festivals like this! 

But we would like to keep the OOC stuff in the "Events" channel, and maybe hush a little bit when a band is singing lyrics that someone worked very hard on, and other audience members might really want to read.  Think of it as lowering your voice while talking to your friend standing next to you, to avoid being overheard by everyone in the area.  Not quite the "whisper" of a Tell, but quieter than Say.


Anyone on Crickhollow can /joinchannel Events, and should!  Not only do we use it during our festivals like Winterfest and Shirefest, but for band advertisements during the week, or chatting with fellow band members while they are somewhere else in Middle-earth.  We will be doing announcements as needed in the Events channel as well as in Say.

Band Leaders are expected to /joinchannel Bands, for communication with your emcees and other band leaders.  Emcees will coordinate between bands currently playing and bands about to play, but band leaders should feel free to communicate directly with each other in the Bands channel if they desire.


The exact spot where bands should stand to play, varies on the thickness of the ice in the area.  A good plan is to line up on the snow in the middle of the audience.  Our emcees will stand in the general area of where you want to be, but it's a very large stage, feel free to spread out.

Bands that are "on deck" should have their bands ready and lined up Stage Left at least 15 minutes before the hour, and ready to move as soon as the currently performing band finishes their set.  After bands are finished playing they should exit Stage Right.

Bands will (hopefully) be set up to begin playing on the hour.  We do expect glitches and delays, hence the 50-55 min set limit.  We understand, things happen, links go dead, power fails, cats and dogs living together...  But also keep in mind that every minute one band goes overtime, another band has one less minute to play, which might mean cutting an entire song.


And I've blabbed as usual.  Anyhows, the number one most important piece of advice that I can give is, 

Have Fun!  

This event is for the bands, and the fans, and the whole music community!  For the bands, this is your time to shine, with a full set worth of your best music!  For the fans, this is your chance to hear some of the best music played in Middle-earth for the entire weekend!  And for the music community, this is the time to enjoy the friendships and fellowships we've made and continue to grow.  Have fun!



Luventhariel Ascarloss o Myrcwudu. Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!  

"It is better to have more lightning in your hand, than thunder in your mouth" - Ingwë Morfion

I'm also Appletart, Appleheart, Caramryn, Naurraen, Tettra, Villrvif and Whosagoodpuppy on Crickhollow;

and Luventhariel and all of Too Cute on Laurelin too.   Happy

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