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re: Winterfest 2019: A Special Thank You


Winterfest 2019, what to say?

We had 21 bands (the most ever for this event, so far...), plus Bread & Jam On Ice!  And the entire event ran as smooth as Kenghis' Bassoon playing.  Bands started every hour right on the hour, so not a single band had to shorten their set because of delays.  The beacons were lit and announcements rang throughout all of Middle-earth.  There was a crowd on the lake before the party even started, and they didn't leave until the final band played their final encore.  I know many simply slept on the lake, huddled around campfires, singing songs late into the evening.

There were fireworks!  There was cheering!  There was dancing, and whatever it was Ethrimund was doing!  Not a single mass area of effect healing was set off the entire weekend!  There were were-wargs, but they didn't bite anyone's toes!  And Weet kept his hands to himself the whole weekend!

There was an excellent balance of new talent and experienced veteran bands.  All brought their A Game, seriously.  One band after another, after another, entertained the crowd with superb musical choices, outstanding showmanship, stories told through music, staged choreography, and humor!  Lyrics were sung by many, some beautiful, some Epic, many hilarious!  But the music most of all, made us dance until our feet became numb, made us sing until our throats were sore, and brought happiness and joy to a world ravaged by the evils of Sauron.

Crickhollow's community of musicians, and music lovers, is something special.  And I'm so glad to be a part of it!  I hope every band leader had as much fun creating their sets as I did, I hope every musician had as much fun playing as I did, and I hope everyone had as much fun dancing, and chatting, and tossing flowers around as I did.  It was a pleasure to hang out with such wonderful people all weekend!


First, I'd like to thank Duidhrastir, my partner in crime.  He's a more scholarly elf than I, and very suitable for doing the things I don't like so much, like going through everyone's app and deciding who plays when based on what times they put down.  (so blame him if you didn't like your spot...or if you did!)  Duidhrastir also took on the role of emcee, and was eloquent as always in his introductions.  And he's very good at giving me up to date information as he receives it.  If I ever decide that Alt Rock Band needs a Manager, he's the one I'd call.  He also helps me with this site, posting threads, and admin as needed.


Second, I'd like to thank Kenghis, for taking on a lump of introductions for us, and for being one of those experienced veteran role models that everyone can, and should, look up to.  And Larkssong and Cheggra for also being wonderful emcees!!  Each wrote their own introductions, so if you liked yours, thank them!


Third, I'd like to thank every single band leader and musician that played music for us this weeked!  Without the music, it wouldn't be a party.  I sooooo appreciate the time and effort everyone put into their performances, from transcribing (or even writing!), writing lyrics, to just choosing which songs to play and when, all of you put on a heck of a performance!  There were glitches.  There are always glitches.  But everyone who had them recovered quickly and professionally, or even covered them up so well nobody noticed.  (Why does my clarinet look like a Theorbo?  Pfft.  Just gonna run with it...)  Every band leader showed up early and stayed late to support each other, part of what makes this community so awesome!  Extra special thanks to those bands who came to play all the way from other servers, we love our visiting bands, and hope that you always feel welcome in Crickhollow!


Next, I'd like to thank everyone who came not to play, but to dance, sing, drink, smoke, tickle, giggle, chat, hang out, or just sit back and listen!  You're the reason bands play!  If we didn't have an audience, we might as well forget about playing in game and stick with the abc player.  We LOVE playing for you!  Extra special thanks to all of our friends who came from other servers just to hang out with us, we hope you'll always consider Crickhollow your home away from home!


Lastly, and certainly not least, I'd like to thank all those people, who may or may not be in Second Breakfast, who helped out in your own little ways.  Thanks to all who handed out goodies to smoke, drink, eat, or blow up.  Thanks to all who made announcements in World Chat leading up to and throughout Winterfest.  Thanks to all who simply passed on the information to others.  Thanks to those who posted about or replied in other forums such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Lotro Forums.  Thanks to those folks at LotroArtists.  Thanks to Cordovan just for posting "good luck" in the thread in the Lotro forums, and all the Devs for continuing to give us this awesome game world to play music in.  Thanks to any who may have happened to nab a screenshot or actually film any part of Winterfest, double thanks if you post them here (nudge, nudge).  Special thanks to Genovefa for providing cappy ports for nearly the whole event, while announcing in WC.  And Special thanks to the TeeDee Army for killing several thousand small critters that seemed to flock to the noise looking to take a bite out of some lvl 5 minis, I think she has enough light hides to make a rug that would cover the entire Prancing Pony.


I probably missed a few helpful names that I should really name-drop as well, if I missed you, it's because my brain is silly, not because I do not owe you my thanks.  :)


It has been an extreme pleasure, and wonderful honor, to be but one, of many, who made Winterfest 2019 unforgettable.  Thank you!



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Luventhariel Ascarloss o Eryn Lasgalen. Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!  

"It is better to have more lightning in your hand, than thunder in your mouth" - Ingwë Morfion

I'm also Appletart, Appleheart, Applesmacks, Caramryn, Tettra, Vgir, Villrvif and Whosagoodpuppy on Crickhollow;

and Luventhariel and all of Too Cute on Laurelin too.   Happy


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re: Winterfest 2019: A Special Thank You


Thank you, Luventhariel. And thank you to all the other volunteers who made Winterfest amazing. I had a great time as a first time band and thoroughly enjoyed the other bands as a spectator.


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re: Lady Luv


You are so lovely in every way possible.  We you long time.  

I thank you for ALL you do.

Pam AKA JustaDream




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re: Winterfest 2019: A Special Thank You

We are the world!
We are the children ...
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day, just you and meeeee!

We are the world...
Also I'd like to thank Luventhariel!

Also I'd like to thank Almiyanni and Legendary tunes! *winks*

We are the Middle-Earth!
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