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re: My 80's TV


I have had this site (these sites) bookmarked for a while now.  

My 80's TV is a site that conglomerates Youtube videos.  It's how it puts them together that makes it special.

First, there's an 80's style TV.  You click the "Power" on, and the videos start playing.  Below the TV you can choose exactly which year you'd like to view on the TV.  You can also Filter the videos played by category, such as only playing through all the Music Videos, with all the Commercials from 1981, but not the Trailers, or Game Shows, or Soap Operas from 1981.  And a bunch of other options to play with.

All this without any actual Youtube commercials.

Their are click-links at the site to two more additional sites they've added, My 90's TV and My 70's TV.

Each has their own style TV to watch on.  The 70's one has a "black and white" mode, cuz the 70's, man.

Good time-wasters.


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