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re: Thank You!!


When Rosalie asked me if I would make sure Shirefest continued for her, for us, I graciously and humbly accepted.

My very first Shirefest as Organizer, I was freaking out the entire time, not particularly sure of myself, and not having Rosalie around to back me up.  But her words stuck in my head, the many, many dozens of times she encouraged me, uplifted me, fought back against my own worst critic, myself.  And also, because I had the help of many good people within Second Breakfast!

And it has been a wonderful Ten Years worth of Shirefests! 

It is because of the wonderful amount of support and help I have gotten for these last five years, that I have no doubt at all that Shirefest will continue on, because I'm not the only one who sees Shirefest as something worth saving!

In my final Shirefest Thank You post as Organizer, I have a lot of people to thank!


To Rosalie, you know I can never thank you enough. 

To Dallofin and Drummor, thank you for showing me the music system, sorry for corrupting it with Slayer.

To Duidhrastir, thank you for helping me do the Schedule, you slay a dragon for me each year.

To Star/Jancis/Marie/Dragonne, Rheniogil, Larkssong, Pontin, Kittie, Pavs, Pumpkinspyce, Cheggra, Duidhrastir, Kenghis, and the Q fam, and everyone who ever helped by being an emcee.  You all give me the time to enjoy Shirefest myself, and I know I'm missing a few names here...

And I can't possibly even start naming names for everyone who helped make goodies, hand out goodies, kept the conversations positive, chimed in on World Chat, and just showed up to dance to a band or several!  Shirefest and Winterfest are the two weekends a year where I see more blue names than any other.  Second Breakfast easily fills up two pages worth of kinnies, and has broken into 3 full pages at times!  I love my kinship!

To all of the bands who played for us, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  It's not easy to be able to grab multiple real people and get them together all at once for a concert at a precise time, but we're happy that you do!  For as far back as my first Shirefest, I've never seen a day go on with more than + or - 10 minutes of being off the schedule.  We've had the most professional bands play for us!!

And we so appreciate the time and effort you all put into which songs to play in your set!  And we love hearing all the different styles and genres of music, from songs we've heard a thousand times but still love and will listen a thousand more times, to songs we've never heard before ever, and now have to look up because they rocked!  And the wonderful lyrics!!

And lastly,

To everyone who came out to listen, dance, cheer, and hang around with us,

You are the reason we love doing Shirefest.  I love this music community, so full of such wonderful folks, with sunshine in your hearts and music in you head!  Thank you all, Crickets and Honorary Crickets from other servers who join us!  Thank you all for making this such fun to do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Much Love,



Luventhariel Ascarloss o Eryn Lasgalen. Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!  

"It is better to have more lightning in your hand, than thunder in your mouth" - Ingwë Morfion

I'm also Appletart, Appleheart, Caramryn, Naurraen, Tettra, Villrvif and Whosagoodpuppy on Crickhollow;

and Luventhariel and all of Too Cute on Laurelin too.   Happy


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re: Thank You!!


Luventhariel, it is always a pleasure working with you and Second Breakfast in the organization of Shirefest and Winterfest. 


I love this kinship and the music community at large. Both have been amazing and I suspect they will continue to be amazing year after year so long as LOTRO is online. 


May we have another 10 years of Shirefest! 


Much love to each of you ❤️


Crickhollow - Duidhrastir (Elf RK) Saeroneth (Man Warden) Fainadan (Elf Lore Master) Saeraborn (Elf Champion) Nellimlin (Elf Minstrel) Applesauce (Hobbit Warden) Dulinnion (Elf Hunter)


Laurelin - Fainadan (Elf Hunter) Duidhrastir (Elf Warden)
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