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Alt Rock Band


Meet Alt Rock Band

What's the story behind your band's founding?

At first Luventhariel was just a solo musician, who helped play with the Second Breakfast Army Band (Confused Hobbits and an Elf) at Elevenses and Bread & Jams, helps Dulcet Tones here and there, and solos at Tales n Ales randomly, and then wrote a few songs for Second Breakfast and Breakfast Club. But then she formed a duet with her hobbit friend Perr Cussion (who enjoys hitting things). Later an elf minstrel named Lorrell joined up, and lastly an elf champ named Mithwyn tried her hand playing mostly horn and lute. Nowadays, the Alt Rock Band has seven members.

How did your band get its name?

There's a duel meaning behind the name; first because it is a band of alts, and second because we play a lot of Alternative Rock from the 90's.

How did your members meet one another?

Luven saw Perr aimlessly wandering around Bree wearing an "Animal" t-shirt from the Muppets show, hitting people on the head with perfect timing. She ran into the Pony and bought Perr her very first drum kit, and they've been friends ever since. Other members have joined over time to bring the band to seven members.

How would you describe your band's music?

We (I) play mostly Alternative Rock/Metal, but have been known to play just about everything, Blues, Metal, Country, Pop, Light Rock, Classical, and a few Techno/Dance songs.  Fiddles, lots of fiddles.  Some songs use all four of the festival fiddles.  I like pairing Sprightly with Bardic for most of my songs.

How do you decide which songs to play?

I first look for midis for the songs I like, then try them out so see if they actually sound good, maybe tweak them a bit with Anvil. I then keep the ones that turn out the best.  For full sets, I like to tell a story through the music, take listeners on a journey, and throw out a few facts about the songs or musicians.  At Bread & Jam I usually play anything new I've made, or just whatever comes to mind at the time.  I am more than willing to accept requests.

Do you have a signature song?

I used to wrap up my performances with Dream Police by Cheap Trick, sweet dreams everyone!  Now I use the Blazing Saddle's Theme.

What's the highlight of your band's time together?

Every time we (I) play at Bread & Jams is a highlight.

Do you have any stories about a time when things didn't go so well?

I learned rather quickly to actually practice the songs I play before performing them in front of other people. They may sound good on the ABC player, may sound good in Maestro, but then sound pretty horrible in game.

Does your band play a regular concert? If so, when and where?

If you consider Bread & Jams, otherwise no, but I have been thinking about it, it's a time thing.

Does your band have a website, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, or links to any performances?

LOTROstream Winterfest  and Druidsfire Shirefest

What's the one thing we should know about your band above all else?

That we wouldn't exist were it not for several members of Second Breakfast helping me out at first to learn how to play, and several bands I've listened to who I aspire to be even half as good as.  Shout out to Daffin, Drummor, Majika, and Kenghis!

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your group?

I write all my own lyrics for the songs that have lyrics. I've never used someone else's .abc files (except when playing with others, like DT or the Army), I transcribe my own using Maestro, and have even written a couple using Anvil Studios. I love listening to other bands just as much as playing, and if by dancing and cheering I can make another band happy, then I will absolutely dance and cheer!

Shirefest 2019