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Brandywine & Biscuits

Meet Brandywine & Biscuits

What's the story behind your band's founding?
Three Hobbits met in the back room at the Prancing pony and talked about starting a Hobbit only band. Some more Hobbits joined, some left, some more joined...  we currently have eight full time Biscuits.

How did your band get its name?
Each of the founders thought up a name then we had a vote on what one we liked the best. Being Hobbits with sweet teeth and ones who like a drink the band name is perfect.

How did your members meet one another?
Mostly all are regulars at the Green Dragon Friday event on Laurelin. We cherry picked the bestest Hobbits hehe.

How would you describe your band's music?
A Rocking mix of pop songs old and new. With some curious thumping tunes added into the mix.

How do you decide which songs to play?
We are a democracy so we come up with a shortlist of songs to play for events then whittle it down through blood, sweat, tears, grog and laughter.

Do you have a signature song?
I suppose we have a couple of tunes we like to play regularly. Danse Macabre, Barliman and I love Pie with Cheese, the first two being part of our set this year.

What's the highlight of your band's time together?
We have played a few events now some private, some serverwide, I think just the being together and playing fun songs is always a highlight. I am sure that the Shirefest will be our highlight so far though.

Do you have any embarrassing stories about a time when things didn't go so well?
No real disasters so to speak about seeing as we are well seasoned professionals - stop laughing...

Does your band play a regular concert? If so, when and where?
Green Dragon Friday on Laurelin 8pm UK time. The only place to be on a Friday night on Laurelin.

Does your band have a website, Twitter feed or links to any performances?
Nope we are luddites where that is concerned.

What's the one thing we should know about your band above all else?
We Rock!

Is there anything else you'd like to mention?
The band members are (in alfabeticalorder) Acorne (but what band isnt she a member of), Apri, Bilbeto, Cheggra, Dolilina, Dremac, Everbrock & Marping.