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Dulcet Tones

Meet Dulcet Tones


What's the story behind your band's founding?

Dulcet Tones came to life when myself, Cheggra and Scropolo started to bury poor Daffin with new music and he suggested we form our own band. So, we did. laughing Originally there was Q, Cheggra, Butternut, Ryhar, Scropolo, Nutmegan and myself, and Missus Acorne.

How did your band get its name?

We kicked around different names, but I remembered the line from A Princess Bride, my Dulcet Darling, and it struck a chord with me (pun intended).

How did your members meet one another?

We are or were all kin-mates together, some out of kin friends joined too and some played with Breakfast Club as well.

How would you describe your band's music?

Hmmm, mixed. Me I like Celtic, seafaring type stuff. Q loves the Classical music, Cheggie is masterful at show tunes, Nutty does a wide range, and Shakes and Butternut always wants me to do more hard/acid or classic rock

How do you decide which songs to play?

Normally, I do a proposed set list and fire it off to the band. They come back with their thoughts and will include songs they want to hear as well. So, it’s somewhat collaborative. laughing

Do you have a signature song?

Absolutely, I think “Home for A Rest” is the bands favourite and is well known (from what folks out there tell me) by many on Crickhollow, Landroval and Laurelin. My personal favourite though is Tom Bombadil (sung to Gordon Lightfoot’s Pony Man).

What's the highlight of your band's time together?

Oh wow, I don’t know, it may be playing at Winterfest last year or the Rock concert on Landroval. But I think each band member has their own favourite. My own is probably Shirefest two years ago. We had a couple new songs that really put the crowd in the frame of mind that I hoped for when I wrote the lyrics.

Does your band play a regular concert? If so, when and where?

We play on sundays at 8:00pm server-time, in the Land of Bree within the town itself at a Park across from the Town Hall and Jail, come stop by and listen!

Does your band have a website, Twitter feed or links to any performances?

We have a web site for all our music, Twitter feed no, but info gets out anyway in various places helping promote us!

What's the one thing we should know about your band above all else?

We like to have fun with the music. You will normally get a mix from us at every concert, unless we are playing something specific. We all love a wide range of music and this is reflected in both the makeup of the band and the music we play.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your group?

Anyone wanting to play in a band is welcome in the Dulcet Tones! We have band members with home servers outside of Crickhollow and we have a variety of Kins that make up our band. If you are interested, please give us a ring and we will happily plug you into the group. laughing

Where are the Dulcet Tones Now?

We are still Active today with Pontin now leading the band from 2019 onward, both original band members and some new members, playing music for the community.



Band Members

Many have joined and played with the band for years and some at least few times over the years (and some under different names with alternate characters they have), these are all of them who have offically played.

Acorne, Ailrien, Avangrod, Butternut, Calardis, Cheggra, Cherinias, Duidhrastir, Drummor, Freemark, Gamutdorok, Gelglir, Granuaille, Halgoreth, Hrimmelen, Jolantha, Laaleth, Larkssong, Lilysapphire, Luventhariel, Nutmegan, Piperine, Pontin, Qiardo, Ryhar, Scropolo, Sevonis, Sneekiewitches, Shakestoor, Stropharia, Thandorael, Tolpo, Twynk and Zarenwen.