Meet Mushroom Stew


Mushroom Stew

What is the Story behind your band's founding?

Invited some friends of mine from a Galaxy far, far away to Winterfest this year past and they enjoyed it so much we decided to get together and mess around with music for a change.


How did your band get its name?

We wanted to have a connection to our Star Wars guild origins (Alchemical Psychonauts) and found Mushroom Stew to be acceptable for Arda.


How did your members meet one another?

Mali, Gail and I all met as mushroom space pirates in a Galaxy far, far away.


How would you describe your bands music?

Yeeeeee Haaaawww


How do you decide which songs to play?

We take turns picking songs, we all have our favorites. Perhaps as our songbook grows we will go about it a little differently, but we will see.


Do you have a signature song?

As of right now I can't say that there is, we just enjoy playing around with the tunes and having a good time with others.


What is the highlight of your band's time together?

I can't speak for Mali and Gail, but personally for me it is when they asked if we could try a few together. I didn't really expect them to enjoy Winterfest and Bread and Jam so much that creating a band was going to be a thing.


Does your band play a regular concert? If so, when and where?

On the second saturday of each month Mushroom Stew  plays a live concert in West Bree near the AH and crafting corner.  Concerts run from 9pm server time for approximately 1 hour.  We hope to see you there!!  We also try to attend Elevenses every Sunday, and Bread & Jam every Friday too.


What is the one thing we should know about your band above all else?

We are just here to have a good time and be one with the Mushrooms.


Anything Else you want to tell us?

Yes!  We have our own website, for all of our friends, fans, and any nosey little hobbits who might be interested in keeping up with the Shroombalaya!!  

Mushroom Stew