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Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band


Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band

Every 2nd Sunday at 7:30pm in the
Last Homely House's Courtyard in Rivendell



Visit Smoke Signals for all the latest news on the band


What's the story behind your band's founding

We are a wandering pair of individuals with ancient beginnings; (since the start of closed beta testing in 2006); starting on Brandywine, going to Elendilmir when the game went public and during the Great Migration – to Crickhollow. Late in 2015 we became more musically motivated and by early 2016 we had a four piece band in Crickhollow.

How did your band get its name?

Our name originated from a bit of humor involving a quest in Lothlorien in which you were supposed to find a lost pouch of pipeweed for a member of the fellowship. Once retrieved the reward was a few pouches of Wizard's Fire Pipeweed- which in the game is written in a purple color font. Usually any item in the game written with a purple color font is recognized as being something of better than ordinary quality- 'not just any pipeweed- but purple pipeweed.' Starting as a band of two - the concept of 'parlor' came forth; as we were playing in the crafting halls or stable areas- where folks are busy hustling and bustling about- but might perhaps enjoy a bit of music anyway.

How did your members meet one another?

We are a hubby and wife team – each of us doing two folks.

How would you describe your band's music?

Versatile. We play several genres of music; rock, new age, renaissance, traditional and classical. We do have some selections with lyrics.

How do you decide which songs to play?

It's usually something we like, or something we feel would transpose in the best possible way.

Do you have a signature song?

Yes we got a couple. Purple Haze with customized lyrics, we also like a Deep Purple tune called 'The Purplendicular Waltz' and an old Bob Dylan tune called Rainy Day Women, or also know as the Everybody must get stoned song - it's all about the pipeweed (and purple)!


What's the highlight of your band's time together?

Playing in public for all the good folke in Middle Earth. Sometimes it may only be few in number- but to see a person dancing, hear them cheering, laughing and having fun makes it all worth while.

Does your band play a regular concert? If so, when and where?

Right now we do 2 monthly hour long presentations in Crickhollow- a rock show every 2nd Saturday @ 7:30 PM on the Bree Stage, and a classical show every 2nd Sunday @ 7:30 PM in the courtyard of the Last Homely House in Rivendell. Sometimes we do spontaneous shows when no one else is on the schedule. We love doing Bread and Jam whenever we can.

Does your band have a website, Twitter feed, Youtube channel, or links to any performances?

We do have a website: On there we have links to the larger live events we have done, and also some You Tube features. You can find some of our stuff by searching purple pipeweed on You Tube. We have a Twitter feed - (on which we are a newbie), and a Facebook group that is open to the public.

What's the one thing we should know about your band above all else?

We are all about having fun - our motto peace, love & pipeweed!

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your group?

We love to role play and most always stay 'in character', and believe in being friendly and courteous to everyone.  We take great care with our music, and try to perform to the best of our ability all the time.