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We spoke with Scropolo of the Remediators in advance of their Party in the Park performance.  The Remediators got their start on the Landroval server as part of the Courserrim kinship.  The kinship itself formed to support the "Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative" Coursera class, but both the kin and the band continued to grow after the class ended.  In the 2 years since its formation the band has played two Weatherstocks and dozens of other popular events on Landroval, but now they've set up a second home on Crickhollow.


The Remediators took home the top award from both the crowd and the hosts at Weatherstock this year. How did it feel to take part in such a spectacle, and were you surprised to take home the grand prize?

It felt amazing to participate in Weatherstock this year. This was my first time at the event so I really didn't know what to expect. What I saw when I reached the top blew me away. The amount of people that attended the event and all the talented bands that played really made my jaw drop. I really didn't think that we would walk away from Weatherstock with both awards. We all went into the event feeling confident that Briallan and all the other band members that had contributed to the set list had done a grand job and that we were going to really entertain the crowd and do a professional job, and it paid off :)

The band recently celebrated their two year anniversary. What other memories stand out from your time together?

I have only been with the Remediators from about May onwards so I would probably say most memorable moment for me personally would be the band agreeing to cross servers to play at other shows. I love nothing more than travelling round the other servers and listening new bands or attending new shows, so to be able to start doing it with The Remediators now and giving other people the experience of a band from another server in their familiar surroundings really puts a smile on my face :)

What first drew you to this band? Did most of your members join after participating in Coursera?

It was absolute luck that allowed me to find The Remediators. I was playing with The Breakfast Club on a regular basis but I wanted to branch out and see what it would be like to play in another band as well as Breakfast Club. I took a stroll through Bree on Landroval messaging random people I came across asking about a good band to join, that is when I stumbled across Briallan relaxing near the Prancing Pony. From there we arranged me being able to sit in on a practice of theirs and that was the start of me joining the band.  I know that a lot of the band have participated in the coursera course but not all of us. The original band was made up from people completing the course.

Landroval has always been home for the Remediators. Some of us were lucky enough to see you perform at a wedding a couple of months ago, but is this your first formal concert outside of that server?

Yes apart from Acorne and Pontin's wedding this will be our first formal show outside of Landroval. We are in the stages of planning more away from home shows so keep an eye out for those.

What made you decide to branch out to Crickhollow?

We decided to branch out to Crickhollow due to it being my home server. The idea was to play at Shirefest but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to prepare for this. The next show that became available was Acorne's wedding and I think this has given the band a lot of enthusiasm to cross servers and play at different events.

Will you have the same repetoire you use on Landroval, or will there be anything different about the Crickhollow band?

The repetoire for the band will be the same for each server with the exception of certain requested tunes or character specific lyrics like the version of Ring My Bell we performed for Acornes wedding. We have all the band members contributing creatively to the set lists so there is never a shortage of new material to perform.

How would you describe your band's music?

I would describe our music as upbeat and lively, not to say that we don't play slower music but in general anything with a great tune and beat seems to get voted through for the band to play. We play all kinds of genre's and can cater for any style of event.

How do you decide on your set list? How did you pick what to play for the Party in the Park?

The setlists have been mainly put together by Briallan and Baudhaegas and they do an amazing job. For Party in the Park I had the chance to try my hand at it. I based all the songs in the setlist around wanting the audience to dance and dance and dance till they drop, slowly raising the tempo and party feel right to the end. I hope the crowd enjoy them as much as we enjoy playing them.

Do your members transcribe the music that you play?

Every member of the band contributes to the music we play, either in the form of lyrics, ABC files or ideas of how to present the band in an entertaining way. Briallan, Ashigaru, Freemark, Tulenn, Vosko, Baudhaegas, Malvy, Glofinwing and myself all make the music we play. Vosko, Briallan and Glofinwing have also made custom midi arrangements for the band.

Which of your transcriptions are you most proud of?

Me personally I would choose Drunk in the Middle. I had so much fun playing with the lyrics for this one and transcribing the music, it has a very hobbity feel to it. Speaking for the band may get me in trouble but hey ho, I would say Its My Pie was a huge hit at Weatherstock, Let It Lag and Shake It Off also have some great lyrics to really bring the tunes to life. Its too hard to choose one in particular.

How did you end up sharing a bill with Firebrands and Little Wanderers for the Party in the Park?

We are able to play along side Little Wanderers and The Firebrands due to me being the organiser. I wanted to involve three bands with connections to different servers so the word would spread and encourage more people to cross servers and enjoy the music each individual server has to offer. There are some really amazing bands out there with some unbelievable talents and if I can put on a small show for people to come and enjoy together then I will have the biggest smile on my face.

When will we be able to hear your band again?

The next time you can catch The Remediators performing would be on the same day as Party in the Park but over on Landroval for the Welcome To Landroval Event. We also have more performances coming up for the Christmas season including Rock! Around The Christmas Tree event on Crickhollow.

What's the one thing we should know about your band above all else?

Our band really really wants to walk away from every show knowing that they all put 110% into performing and creating an amazing entertaining musical and visual show. We all also have super fun putting lots of smiles on peoples faces.

Find out more about the band by visiting their website at or following them on Twitter @Remediators