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re: Thank You



I want to extend many thanks to everyone who participated in Shirefest in any capacity: musician, volunteer, attendee, songwriter, supporter in time of crisis--you name it. It was a wonderful success and it took a lot of folks to make it happen. I was so proud to be part of FOUR different bands and to showcase our lovely home in Crickhollow. It was so much fun!

I thank you for all the long hours of planning, preparation, practice, and participation. The variety of music was an absolute delight and I am pleased that I was able to be there for every hour of it, from Bread and Jam on Friday night right through the honor of playing with the Andune Ensemble late Sunday afternoon. We worried about everything from griefers to turtles to no-shows or no-audiences, and none of that happened. Instead, we welcomed dozens of new visitors to Crickhollow and also introduced lots of Crickhollow residents to a musical community they never knew about. I don't know who the Hobbit was, but he exclaimed something along the lines of "This is the best Saturday I've had in a long time" as we wrapped up that day. I can say the same about the whole weekend. Sure, it was a little stressful and even scary, but it was awesome!

So thank you again to everyone who took the time to make Yet Another Minstrel and to scramble for costumes and dyes and make arrangements to be there for rehearsals and performances. I'm still pretty darn impressed that we managed to stay on schedule for the whole shebang! That's a reflection of the professionalism shown by every band. You were perfect.

Please, now that you've come to visit, don't be strangers! You have a standing invitation to join us at the Prancing Pony every Friday night beginning at 9PM Eastern Time, year-round. If that time slot doesn't suit you, or you'd prefer something a little softer and gentler, come to Elevenses on Sundays, 11AM Eastern Time, or Mondays, 11PM Eastern Time. Role players are welcome and encouraged at all events. Play music as a solo artist or bring a group. Tell stories. Sing songs. Dance. Curl up by the fire and just listen to the music . . . or surprise us! Just do come.  If you'd just prefer to attend a concert, Breakfast Club plays at the Bree South Gate every Saturday starting at 1PM Eastern Time, except for the first Saturday of the month, when we travel to Landroval. Same time, same place, different server. Tell all your friends!




2 Twinfall Path, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn Homesteads

2 Cypress Road, Tol Faen, Belfalas Homesteads
Do drop in. The doors are always open!

Willowing, Grimbear, Rosewynda, Marewyng, Ingrid, Hollydell, Laurelberry,
Merieloran, Gadrian, Linhaewen, Berangar, Athdan, Faerstar (4 Twinfall Path, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn),
Olangrim (1 Waterbank Road, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn), Gwencara (1 Brookbank Street, Greyheight, Shire),
Mossley (of the Frogmorton Middleworths), and Larksong of Crickhollow
Larkfeather, Faerstar and Olangrim of Landroval

Breakfast: the best meals of the day.

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re: Thank You


...and a big THANK YOU to the wonderful kinfolk of Second Breakfast who conceived, organised and ran this fantastic event!

I had a wonderful time, and would like to echo the calls for Shirefest to become a regular annual event.
Also the suggestion we might hold another concert/fest around Yuletide?

I wish I could have seen all the bands play, but those I did were splendid.
There are now Everbrocks on Laurelin & Landroval getting ready to go see some of our visitors play on their home turf.

Thanks again, I'm still dancing on the inside...

Everbrock Spudplucker ~ Hobbit Guardian & Armourer ~ Quartermaster of the Kin Warehouses
No. 5 Brookbank Street, Thatchacre, Shire Homesteads

Petrok Goldenverse ~ Dwarven Minstrel & Historian
No. 1 Windy Lane, Tol Faen, Belfalas Homesteads

Jonald ~ Bree-man Warden on Anor
No. 1 Chestnut Street, Morstoke, Bree-land Homestead
No. 2 Bay Road, Maedhol, Belfalas Homesteads

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re: Re: Thank You



Thank you Shirefest Organisators for a very nice festival ! I enjoyed the Bands I heard very much and we are happy to have been a part of it !

On behalf of The Crazy Ladies of the Forest: thank you! and we hope to see and hear you again !

Warm Regards,

Carthien Merilin




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Joined: 15 Dec 2012

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re: Thank You


Hi Second Breakfast,


On behalf of all the musicians in the Starlight Orchestra I would like to thank you for hosting this event. 

Just a heads up to say my article about the event should be published by tomorrow evening at the latest. 

I look forward to attending next year! If you'll have me!

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