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Upcoming Crickhollow Events!!
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re: Jammin' In The Shire! Pick Me!


Aryreilyn has been doing such a wonderful job with her Jammin' in the Shire events!  And I know, the question has come up since she first started, "How does one get to play in Jammin' in the Shire?"

With her permission, I've made this thread for her to keep track of which bands are indeed interested in playing Jammin' in the Shire in the future!  Ary can post any info or additional thoughts here, and bands can post their desire to play!


This is just a starter thread.  We'll add any additional information or change things if needed.  :)

As it stands, JITS is every 3rd Saturday, on the Crickhollow Server, on the Methel Stage, in Bywater, consists of 6 bands each month, starting at 6pm server time and ending at Midnight server time.


Post below if you have an interest in playing these events in the future.  Please copy/paste the following template:


Band Name:

Band Leader:

Home Server:

Played in any Crickhollow Event before? (please list):

Any time limitations? (can only play from 6-7, only after 8, etc):

Any questions, comments, or rude remarks?



Luventhariel Ascarloss o Eryn Lasgalen. Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!  

"It is better to have more lightning in your hand, than thunder in your mouth" - Ingwë Morfion

I'm also Appletart, Appleheart, Caramryn, Naurraen, Tettra, Villrvif and Whosagoodpuppy on Crickhollow;

and Luventhariel and all of Too Cute on Laurelin too.   Happy

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