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Upcoming Crickhollow Events!!
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re: Shirefest 2019 Band Schedule!


The band schedule for Shirefest 2019 is as follows, but first let me say thanks to everyone who signed up and even those who wanted to but couldn't. Also a big thanks to everyone for putting up with Luventhariel and I as we gained valuable experience in organizing a large scale event like this!



  Time EDT Server Leader
Gallic Frogs Band 5:00 PM Sirannon Vercingetoric
The Rakes of Kilkarill 6:00 PM Crickhollow Rheniogil
Flutterbyes 7:00 PM Crickhollow JustaDream
Alt Rock Band 8:00 PM Crickhollow Luventhariel
Polnolunie 1:00 PM Laurelin Gerhalt
The Crazy Ladies of the Forest 2:00 PM Laurelin Carthien
Mondbarden 3:00 PM Belegaer/Laurelin Tunvil
Purple Parlor Pipeweed Band 4:00 PM Crickhollow Rosemarinie
Breakfast Club 5:00 PM Crickhollow Dallofin
No Whole Bard 6:00 PM Crickhollow Lasswen
House of the Harp 7:00 PM Laurelin Cedhrillan
Duidhrastir/Laaleth Duets 8:00 PM Crickhollow Duidhrastir
Disenchanted 9:00 PM Crickhollow Weetodd
Magical Rhythm and Blues Review 10:00 PM Brandywine Beatpest
Savo 'Lass 11:00 PM Crickhollow Duidhrastir
Department of Harmony and Song 1:00 PM Landroval Zinnelle
Mushroom Stew 2:00 PM Crickhollow Genovefa
Moonshine Wanderers 3:00 PM Belegaer/Laurelin Vethlo/Belaya
Bards of Valinor 4:00 PM Crickhollow/Landroval Eviluer
The TeeDees 5:00 PM Landroval Teedeegrowl
Ghosts n Roses 6:00 PM Crickhollow Rothariel
Mardis Gras Party 7:00 PM Landroval/Crickhollow Kenghis
Spycegirls 8:00 PM Crickhollow Pumpkinspyce


Crickhollow - Duidhrastir (Elf RK) Saeroneth (Man Warden) Fainadan (Elf Lore Master) Saeraborn (Elf Champion) Nellimlin (Elf Minstrel) Applesauce (Hobbit Warden) Dulinnion (Elf Hunter)


Laurelin - Fainadan (Elf Hunter) Duidhrastir (Elf Warden)
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