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The Background behind
"The Lollipops"

How "The Lollipops" bacame to be is a simple affair, Majika the founder and leader of the band started playing LOTRO about 3-4 years ago, after about 6 months he come accross the music system within the game and was instantly hooked on playing music,so for a further 12 months or so he played solo songs which he aquired from various sites then was introduced to the "Second Breakfast" kinship and in the short time he was with them became to realise he could actually take his new found love of the ingame music system further than he could imagine, actually transcribing the music himself from midi files, he looked into it and found he was actually not too bad at doing this, so he created 2 more accounts to transcribe 3 part songs. From there the band just gained in size and the song repitoir grew.

The name "The Lollipops" came from Majika playing oldies songs, and he wanted a fun name with a hint of old skool behind it. taking into account the costumes ingame etc he came up with "The Lollipops" because it did sound fun , coupled with the outfits he was wearing at the time, deemed it to be a good choice.

The Lollipops is basically a 1 man band with Majika at the forfront, that said there are numerous people around Crickhollow and Landroval who also have Majikas numerous songs, and occasionly are part of shows , concerts etc that The Lollipops perform.

As has already been mentioned The Lollipops started of playing oldies songs such as "My girl Lollipop" for obvious reasons. but over the last couple of years the song list of the The Lollipops as grown and now they play various types of music ranging from the 50s 60s right upto the latest Pop / Rock / Dance / Reggae / and so on, there is no limit to the music that The Lollipops play as Majika has always had a fond love of music.

The Lollipops tend to just pop up out of nowhere and start playing, usually in the Three Farrows Craft Hall in Bree town or outside the Prancing Pony also in Bree town, but could be playing anywhere that takes there fancy at the time.

The Lollipops has recently started a you-tube channel which can be found here 

All the music that Majika / The Lollipops play is transcribed by Majika unless songs are requested and they have to dive into the many other songs created by other performers.

The Lollipops aim is to bring joy and cheer to all around them and therfor hope that you all enjoy listening to thier music as much as they enjoy playing it.