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Maidens of Vanimor

       Meet Maidens of Vanimor

What's the story behind your band's founding?
The Maidens were sent out from the Court of Lothlorien to retrieve a minstrel Everdir who had been banished for a year for an indiscreet affair.
Two of us fou
nd him playing music in Bree.   While in the process of trying to convince him to return they began playing music with him.   The rest of us came to Bree at the insistence of Lady Galadriel.   After having convinced him to return home, we met a hobbit lass named Piperia who persuaded us to stay and continue making music in Bree.   Therefore Everdir went back alone.

How did your band get its name?
Everdir called us that since the word Vanimor in the ancient elven language of Quenya means fair folk or beautiful ones.   Hence we became the Maidens of Vanimor.

How did your members meet one another?
We were all ladies-in-waiting to Lady Galadriel at the Court in Lothlorien.

How would you describe your band's music?
A blend of rock, swing, jazz, and progressive rock.    Our motto is 'Expect the Unexpected'.

How do you decide which songs to play?
We try to find songs no one else is playing.   Then after creating our own midis we play them!

Do you have a signature song?


"Back in Lothlorien" which was originally a song by Genesis called "Back in New York City".   The entire band had a meeting brainstorming exactly how we would change the lyrics to make them more in the style of Middle Earth.

What's the highlight of your band's time together?
That has to be when we finally felt the love of an audience for our music!    After playing a couple of encores at a concert on Landroval we were followed back to our dressing rooms by many of the audience who completely ignored the fact that there was another band still to play.

Do you have any stories about a time when things didn't go so well?
So many!
Once, when one of the Maidens meant to wave to a fan in the audience she was overcome with emotion and ran out into the middle of the audience.   Not to worry, Lady Eliesha has calmed down after that.
Also the first time we played "Watcher of the Skies" band members kept getting the music sheets confused and tried to play the wrong song or on the wrong instrument so that we had to restart four times.

Does your band play a regular concert? If so, when and where?
We play for our friends on the Laurelin server every other Wednesday at 8:30pm UK time, just south of Celondim in the theater on the hill overlooking the docks.                                  (29.4 S, 92.7 W)

Does your band have a website, Twitter feed or links to any performances?
True elves don't believe in such modern technology!       (Several of our performances can be found on Youtube.)

What's the one thing we should know about your band above all else?
We work very hard and practice very often to bring you music of Quality.

Is there anything else you'd like to mention?
Our band members have come from all over, brought together by our mutual love of making music for you! :)