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Meet the Puddlejumpers


What's the story behind your band's founding?

Davco Puddlejumper had a dream: to unite the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, rekindle the spark of fellowship, and heal the lands through song...but mostly, it was about the free beer.  He had long ago discovered while playing with Lag Spike in every dive bar from Duillond to Dol Amroth that all he had to say was "I'm with the band" and he could get all the free drinks he wanted.  Then one day, at the bottom of his fifth mug, he had an epiphany:  twice the bands equals twice the beers!  So he bribed, bargained and cajoled his numerous cousins from Frogmorton into starting another band, dubbed The Puddlejumpers.  They were setting up for their first paying gig at Mayor Whitfoot's Yule party, when Lag Spike's team of lawyers showed up to remind Davco that he had signed a 10-year exclusivity contract with the band...and furthermore, the drinks were NOT free, and he owed the band 230 gold pieces, 50 mithril coins, and a goat.  It looked as if the Mayor's party would be ruined.  But then, Davco's sister, Abileen offered to step in and play bass...and the rest is history!  Mayor Whitfoot's party was the talk of the Shire, the hobbits danced the night away, and everyone had the time of their life...except for Davco, that is!

How did your band get its name?

It kinda happened by accident.  I wanted my two main characters, Davco and Abileen Puddlejumper, to have their own kin house, and since I wanted it to say "Home of the Puddlejumpers" when you walked up to it, I created a bunch of alts and formed a kin with them.  When I started bringing these alts to Bread & Jam to play, everyone assumed that The Puddlejumpers was the name of the band because of the kin I guess the credit goes to the B&J crowd.  Thanks guys!


How would you describe your band's music?

I grew up in the 80's, so most of our music is 80's pop and rock.  Anything from Michael Jackson to Van Halen is fair game with us!  If you're listening, Turbine, I will pay good money for Member's Only jacket and leg warmer cosmetics! :)



What's the highlight of your band's time together?

This band was created to play at Bread & Jam, so playing there has definitely been the crowning experience for me.  Getting to meet other Crickhollow musicians, hear great tunes, and perform my own compositions is what I'm enjoying most in LOTRO now.  So thanks to everyone who is sharing the Bread & Jam experience with me!


Does your band play a regular concert? If so, when and where?

As I said, we play at B&J almost every week.  I'm also starting to experiment with playing outside the Pony to the general LOTRO population.  Keep your ears open, you never know when an impromptu 80's concert might break out!


What's the one thing we should know about your band above all else?

Puddlejumpers just wanna have fun!